Baranoshonen – character design


This movie poster is for a character I designed called ‘Baranoshonen’, Rose kid, and was submitted for my graduation project.

Other items were also designed and created for the project, such as CD disc and cover, movie pamphlet, stuffed toy, Rubiks cube, story book, playing cards.


Childrens hero character to protect the environment.
Global environmental issues are not only issues for grown-ups. Children will grow up to be adults, and to them, the current environmental issues will be problems that they will have to deal with.
Everyone on this planet is responsible for, and needs to take responsibility for the environmental issues. Air pollution, global warming, waste issues are not to be hidden to the children.
Today’s children needs to be aware of the environment around them.
Grown-ups have to plant the seed of environmental protection in children, and it’s for the children themselves to raise their awareness.

Why a rose? The fragrance from the rose gives relaxation, relieving stress. If the world is the human body, then the environmental issues is stress. The mysterious power of the rose could help reduce the stress on the planet.

なぜ薔薇? 薔薇の香りは鎮静やストレス緩和の効果があります。地球を人間の体に例えると、環境問題は体のストレスにあたります。溜め込んだストレスを薔薇の不思議な力で元気回復します。

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