Anime Book Cover design

Submission entry for a book cover design. The book is titled ‘The history of Anime’. Concept of the design When the children watched anime for the first time, they were probably all glued to the black and white television box. However, what is displayed on the television screen is a modern animation creation application. Color is displayed on a black and white screen, two eras as one, the past and present of animation creation in one book. Entry was submitted in Jan. 2008. 表紙カバーコンセプト 初めてアニメを観た子供たちは、その時代の白黒テレビに釘付けになったでしょう。 でもそのテレビから、映されているのは現代パソコンのソフトで作成中のアニメです。 白黒なのに、カラーが映され、二つの時代は一つに、昔と今のアニメ製作の違いは一つの本でまとめられています。