My name is Derek Yu, I am a IT professional, freelance Graphic Designer, and was the co-founder of Twelvebits Inc..

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, brought up in a Hong Kong Chinese family, and now I live in Tokyo, Japan.

After graduating from University, I came to Japan to teach English through the JET program in 1998. After that I continued to stay in Japan, moving around different IT professions.

As a hobby,  I freelance work on Graphic design. Many of my work during 2008 onwards were for my previous employers, therefore they have not been posted on this site.

I hope you enjoy my designs 🙂

はじめまして、デレック ユーと申します。

1998年大学卒業後JET Program 「語学指導等を行う外国青年招致事業」で英語教師として来日しました。その2年後上京して様々な外資系企業でIT技術エンジニアとして勤めました。




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