2013 Nengajou

Nengajou design for 2013 – year of the Snake. In Japan, it is custom to have Kagami Mochi (鏡餅), 2 layers of round mochi rice cake,  as a decoration for the New Year. In this design, the mochi rice cake is actually the Snake, which represents the year 2013. 2013年、巳年にデザインした年賀状です。 鏡餅だと思いきゃカワイイ蛇です!!!!    

Put Up or Shut Up

  This is a design with the message Put Up or Shut Up, meaning that you either do something, take action rather than just talk and complain. I created this during a time when I had lots of ideas and things that I wanted to do. So  rather than just think about it and leave it, I made a reminder to myself to take action. 「Push Up or Shut Up」、つまり「口だけ言うじゃなく、行動しろ」という意味です。 色々なアイデアがあった時期の自分へのメッセージでした。 Buy the T-shirt (Japan) http://ttrinity.jp/shop/yudesigns/design/1475561

Union Jack

This is a Union Jack design I created, heavily influenced by Keith Haring. ユニオン・ジャックのデザイン、キース・ヘリング風にしました。 Buy the Tshirt (Japan) – http://ttrinity.jp/product/1649974#283