Open the box - here are the figures!

Vinyl Figures production – arrival

Vinyl Figures production – arrival Finally, after all this wait, the figures have finally arrived, yes all 500 of them! The figures were shipped from China by DHL on December the 8th. The shipment of 5 large boxes, each 11.5 kg, arrived in Japan and delivered to me on December the 17th (actually could have been earlier on the 15th, but I was not free to receive it that day and had to reschedule the shipment delivery). Order was made to the manufacturer on September the 18th, received the shipment on December the 17th, total of 90 days for the manufacturing of the 500 figures! not bad 🙂 I will be […]

Vinyl Figures production – Clay sample figure

Vinyl Figures production – Clay sample figure After agreeing with the pricing with the manufacturer, and before the clay sample work started, I had to transfer 50% of the fees. Transferring money to China was not easy. The banks in Japan asked too many questions and paperwork, and I even got rejected from one bank that would not allow transfer of money for business related payments. So I used the Japan Post Service, which took longer to transfer (1 week), but got the job done. After the payment was confirmed, it took 3 days to receive the photos of the first clay sample figure. A few rounds of feedback and adjustments […]

Vinyl Figures production – Quotes

Vinyl Figure production – Quotes I have decided to produce vinyl figures of my Little Ninja Panda character. Firstly, I needed to search for places that will produce them for me, either locally from Japan or from the World’s factory, China. I searched using the Japanese ‘ソフビ制作’ (soft vinyl production) and ‘vinyl toy production’. My requirements were: Create figure sample from illustrations (front, back and side views). Produce 100-500 within my budget Keep the molds after production Paint the figures I found a few places online, sent emails and waited for quotes. Company I (Japan) – Quantity= 100 – Figure in 2 parts (1x head and 1x body with arms and […]