Vinyl Figures production – Quotes

Vinyl Figure production – Quotes I have decided to produce vinyl figures of my Little Ninja Panda character. Firstly, I needed to search for places that will produce them for me, either locally from Japan or from the World’s factory, China. I searched using the Japanese ‘ソフビ制作’ (soft vinyl production) and ‘vinyl toy production’. My requirements were: Create figure sample from illustrations (front, back and side views). Produce 100-500 within my budget Keep the molds after production Paint the figures I found a few places online, sent emails and waited for quotes. Company I (Japan) – Quantity= 100 – Figure in 2 parts (1x head and 1x body with arms and […]

Little Ninja Panda LINE Stamp 3

Little Ninja Panda LINE Stickers 3

  By popular request, this is the 3rd batch of Little Ninja Panda LINE stickers for occasions and events.Use Little Ninja Panda to add some fun to your chats. ちびにんじゃぱんだ Part 3 – 「ちびにんじゃぱんだ」シリーズ第3弾は、ご要望が多かった、イベント行事バージョンです。ぜひ使ってください。 Twitter: