Baranoshonen – character design

This movie poster is for a character I designed called ‘Baranoshonen’, Rose kid, and was submitted for my graduation project. Other items were also designed and created for the project, such as CD disc and cover, movie pamphlet, stuffed toy, Rubiks cube, story book, playing cards. Concept Childrens hero character to protect the environment. Global environmental issues are not only issues for grown-ups. Children will grow up to be adults, and to them, the current environmental issues will be problems that they will have to deal with. Everyone on this planet is responsible for, and needs to take responsibility for the environmental issues. Air pollution, global warming, waste issues are […]


Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Poster

A OTJ (On The Job) poster while I was a graphic design student at the Digital Hollywood school (2008). I designed most of the layout and parts required, and the whole class contributed to the final finishing touches to the poster. The poster was actually used as the secondary PR poster in cinemas. デザイン学校課題の映画ポスターデザインです。 私のデザイン作品は実際に映画館で採用されました。


Body Charge – Poster No. 1

Body Charge Poster 1 This was an assignment to create a product and promotional poster for it. Body Charge is a non-fizzy Energy drink that revitalises the body. The design is of a battery, where the energy drink recharges ones energy. In Japanese, ‘tan san’ (炭酸)means fizzy, and it can also mean AAA size batteries (単三). The idea is that there are no AAA batteries, so the drink has no fizz.