DNS T-shirt Graphic

This was a design that I used as a print for a going away T-shirt present. One of the members in my team was leaving, and I recall when I asked him what DNS was, he drew on the board funny squiggles that was supposed to be computers. The T-shirt was meant for him to remember DNS 🙂 このデザインは退職するチームメンバーへのTシャツプレゼントです。 そのメンバーは面接時、「DNSの仕組みを説明して」という質問に、ホワイトボードに奇妙な絵を描きました。 描いた箱体はパソコンらしきもの、面接した私は思わずに笑ってしまいました(後は採用!)。 いい思い出をTシャツにしてプレゼントしました。

Baranoshonen – character design

This movie poster is for a character I designed called ‘Baranoshonen’, Rose kid, and was submitted for my graduation project. Other items were also designed and created for the project, such as CD disc and cover, movie pamphlet, stuffed toy, Rubiks cube, story book, playing cards. Concept Childrens hero character to protect the environment. Global environmental issues are not only issues for grown-ups. Children will grow up to be adults, and to them, the current environmental issues will be problems that they will have to deal with. Everyone on this planet is responsible for, and needs to take responsibility for the environmental issues. Air pollution, global warming, waste issues are […]

DTP World submission

This was a submission of a book cover design to the DTP World magazine. Designed so that the story setting and mood would be easily understood from the cover. Book title is “Kaimana Hila Blue” so used the blue sea, the Hawaiian doll and the Hibiscus as images for the cover design. The English book title is hidden under the ‘obi’, the paper ‘belt’ over the cover. ジャケットデザインはまず一目で見て、ストリーの内容がすぐ分かるように作りました。 タイトルは「カイマナヒラ・ブルー」なので、ハワイの青い海を選び、ストリーに関連づけたダンサーの人形とハワイのシンボルであるハイビスカスの写真を選びました。 帯の後ろに隠されたのは英語のタイトルです。

Gooligans Emblem

This was a Futsal (5-a-side football) emblem that I designed, and was later added to the team uniform. Not exactly hooligans, but the team was pretty rough. 元職場のフットサル部のユニフォームとワッペンのデザインです。

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Poster

A OTJ (On The Job) poster while I was a graphic design student at the Digital Hollywood school (2008). I designed most of the layout and parts required, and the whole class contributed to the final finishing touches to the poster. The poster was actually used as the secondary PR poster in cinemas. デザイン学校課題の映画ポスターデザインです。 私のデザイン作品は実際に映画館で採用されました。

Google Cartoon Contest

This cartoon was submitted to the Google Cartoon Contest in 2008, however it was not selected to be published. 2008年のGoogle Cartoon コンペに投稿した「Google Earthの衛星写真はこう撮影しました」という作品です。

Coffee shop pamphlet

A Coffee Menu pamphlet design assignment. Concept Coffee is a drink that keep us awake, but coffee also contains ingredients such as chlorogenic acid and caffeine that is good for our health and beauty. (There are references to chlorogenic acid is an anti-aging agent, and caffeine assisting with fat metabolism). While enjoying coffee, customers can also consult on health and beauty with the staff. All the staff in Half Coffee are experts in health and beauty, they are ‘New Half’ or transgenders. It is believed that transgenders are very knowledgeable, even more knowledgeable than women in beauty and fashion. コーヒーを飲むと不眠になるのは一般的に考えられますが、コーヒーに含まれている成分(クロロゲン酸、カフェイン)は以外にも美容と健康効果があります。 (クロロゲン酸は、強い抗酸化作用があるために老化を防ぐ効果があります。カフェインは自律神経を高めて肥満防止の働きがあります。) そしてコーヒーを飲みながら、健康と美容に関しての相談を喜んで受ける店員さんがいます。 Half Coffeeで働いてるのは、女性の美容と健康に詳しい、ニューハーフの方です。 ニューハーフの方は美容やファッションに関する知識を一般女性よりも詳しいといわれています。

Body Charge – Poster No. 1

Body Charge Poster 1 This was an assignment to create a product and promotional poster for it. Body Charge is a non-fizzy Energy drink that revitalises the body. The design is of a battery, where the energy drink recharges ones energy. In Japanese, ‘tan san’ (炭酸)means fizzy, and it can also mean AAA size batteries (単三). The idea is that there are no AAA batteries, so the drink has no fizz.

Anime Book Cover design

Submission entry for a book cover design. The book is titled ‘The history of Anime’. Concept of the design When the children watched anime for the first time, they were probably all glued to the black and white television box. However, what is displayed on the television screen is a modern animation creation application. Color is displayed on a black and white screen, two eras as one, the past and present of animation creation in one book. Entry was submitted in Jan. 2008. 表紙カバーコンセプト 初めてアニメを観た子供たちは、その時代の白黒テレビに釘付けになったでしょう。 でもそのテレビから、映されているのは現代パソコンのソフトで作成中のアニメです。 白黒なのに、カラーが映され、二つの時代は一つに、昔と今のアニメ製作の違いは一つの本でまとめられています。